Nov 112013
 November 11, 2013  Posted by  Youth & Schools

David Navetta writes:

Educational institutions at all levels have begun to realize that they hold a treasure trove of student-related information, that if analyzed using “Big Data” techniques, could yield valuable insights to further their educational missions.

Of course, as one can imagine, Big Data projects using student-related information can implicate significant privacy issues. Schools are regulated under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Acts Statute, and depending on a school’s specific activities may be subject to GLB and HIPAA. In addition, many educational institutions have internal policy and public-facing privacy policies that apply to, and may limit, the collection, use and disclosure of student personal information. The impact of applicable privacy laws and existing privacy-related policies should be taken into account well before engaging in a Big Data project. We have looked at Big Data privacy issues generally before, and the following is a framework for analyzing high level legal considerations and action items for educational institutions considering Big Data projects involving student-related information.

I won’t say that I’m tired, but I just read his first sentence as “to further their educational mistakes.” Freud is having a field day…

You can read David’s actual framework as he wrote it on InfoLawGroup.

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