Sep 202012
 September 20, 2012  Posted by  Business, Misc

Omer Tene writes:

Much has been written over the past couple of years about “big data” (See, for example, here and here and here). In a new article, Big Data for All: Privacy and User Control in the Age of Analytics, which will be published in the Northwestern Journal of Technology and Intellectual Property, Jules Polonetsky and I try to reconcile the inherent tension between big data business models and individual privacy rights. We argue that going forward, organizations should provide individuals with practical, easy to use access to their information, so they can become active participants in the data economy. In addition, organizations should be required to be transparent about the decisional criteria underlying their data processing activities.

Read more on Concurring Opinions.  I’ll withhold commenting on their proposal until I’ve had time to read through their article.

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