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 February 5, 2015  Posted by  Workplace

Chris DiMarco writes:

Philip K. Dick’s sci-fi classic “Minority Report” envisioned a future where psychic beings could see crimes before they were committed, allowing law enforcement agents to intervene. But while tapping into psychic sensitivity may not yet be an option in 2015, Big Data services and systems are closer than ever to giving companies warning before a cybercrime is committed. This was the focus of a Feb. 3 panel at Legaltech New York 2015, held at the Hilton New York.


The use of data analysis that can pinpoint changes in employee behavior, for example, could expose a compromised account before hackers are able to exploit it. But because of the way bad actors target and use those accounts, it’s often necessary to assume that everyone in the company is potentially guilty.

Fortunately, Big Data programs allow companies to engage in the type of monitoring that can detect those anomalies without involving as many people.

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