Jan 182014
 January 18, 2014  Posted by  Business

How to get really, really, really bad press. From NBC in Chicago:

An (sic) suburban Chicago couple who lost their teenage daughter in a car crash last year feels as if they were victimized again after receiving a letter from OfficeMax Thursday.

The envelope was addressed to Mike Seay, but the second line read “Daughter Killed in Car Crash.”

Office Max apologized, of course, and explained:

This mailing is a result of a mailing list rented through a third-party provider. We have reached out to the third-party mailing list provider to research what happened.

Apart from the stunning hurtfulness of a letter addressed that way, the father raises some excellent questions:

“Why would they have that type of information? Why would they need that?” Seay told NBC 5. “What purpose does it serve anybody to know that? And how much other types of other information do they have if they have that on me, or anyone else? And how do they use that, what do they use that for?”

Read more on NBC.

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