Dec 152017
 December 15, 2017  Posted by  Surveillance

If you haven’t been paying sufficient attention, frequent contributor Joe Cadillic has been blogging on his own site for a while now about places of worship starting to incorporate more surveillance measures and collaborating with law enforcement more.  This week, Joe writes:

Forget the fact, that minsters, priests, rabbis etc., are secretly spying on worshippers. Forget the fact, that places of worship want their own police force..Forget the fact that places of worship are conducting ‘Holy Ghost pat-downs’. And finally, forget the fact that places of worship are paying the government a $100 dollars a month to spy on families.

Because now, Big Brother has convinced places of worship to install surveillance cameras to spy on their followers.

Big Brother’s surveillance of religions, would make the old NKVD blush with envy.

A recent article in The Advocate, warns that ProjectNola plans to install more than 100 surveillance cameras in places of worship.

Read more on MassPrivateI.

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