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From their press release:

Leopold~Kuvin, P.A.filed a class action lawsuit (Case# 9:11-cv-81292-KLR) in the Southern District Court of Florida today against Best Buy Corporation for violating the Drivers’ Privacy Protection Act or “DPPA”, a federal statute that protects the privacy of personal information assembled by State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMVs).

The lawsuit alleges Best Buy has established a business practice of taking, storing, using and/or sharing customers’ personal or highly restricted personal information, without consent, when customers make a normal return of Best Buy merchandise. Their receipt indicates that Best Buy “tracks exchanges and returns … and some of the information from your ID may be stored in a secure, encrypted database of customer activity that Best Buy and its affiliates use to track exchanges and returns.”

The DPPA specifically prohibits Best Buy’s conduct and was instituted to protect consumers from abuses such as identify theft and stalking, which often result when information is unsecured and improperly stored. The class action alleges that Best Buy’s retention of data accessed on a driver’s license is not “use in the normal course of business” as described by the DPPA.

Gregory S. Weiss, a class action litigator at Leopold~Kuvin, P.A. and lead counsel in the litigation stated, “This class action seeks injunctive relief against Best Buy to immediately cease an invasive business practice.” He added, “With the holiday season upon us, it is unknown how many Best Buy customers may have the security of their confidential information compromised, simply by returning a purchase.”

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