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 January 8, 2019  Posted by  Business, Non-U.S.

From opinion piece by Roberto Wakerell-Cruz:

Bell plans on looking into your searching and browsing habits

The company is doing it under the veil of “convenience for the customer,” a trope that as consumers, we have heard time and time again. It’s a trope that begins to sound like a code word for “a step towards less privacy.”

Bell has decided that it will now be paying attention to searches and browsing habits to ensure that advertisements are more “tailored” to the user.

Thankfully the wool cannot be pulled over Canadians’ eyes since Canadian law requires user consent before Bell can proceed with such invasive policies. However there is an ever-growing trend of complacency, and even willingness for some to live with less privacy.

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  One Response to “Bell Canada plans to collect more data from Canadians opening itself up to privacy breaches”

  1. you covered the 1st time this came out, this RAP 2.0 is more complex.

    Also, what people do not realize, or know, is that Bell et al. are already using their account info (and more) coupled with their TV watching habits for the entire household (matched to online viewing as well).

    The CRTC (which is part of the problem) did not and does not inform people, yet the CRTC has a complimentary and overlapping role in privacy in Canada, and unlike PrivCom has order making powers.

    Lots to say about this, but best to remain silent.

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