May 222014
 May 22, 2014  Posted by  Non-U.S.

Tim van Canneyt writes:

When looking at the action undertaken in other European countries, you might argue that cookies have not been a real priority for the Belgian regulators in the past. Not in the least because it took the European Commission to initiate infringement proceedings before the Belgian legislator decided to transpose the EU cookie consent rules. But also because of the fact that compliance with the cookie consent rules was not high on the agenda of neither the Belgian data protection authority nor the Telco regulator.

In the absence of any guidance or enforcement action, many website operators did not implement any measures, whereas the more compliance driven ones had to look abroad for inspiration on how to tackle this issue.

It seems this is now about to change. Last month, the Belgian Data Protection Authority published a draft recommendation with regard to the use of cookies and launched a public consultation about it.

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