Jan 302017
 January 30, 2017  Posted by  Surveillance, U.S.

Joe Cadillic sends along this story. Note that the dateline is January 27, before the executive order on immigration was announced.

Police agencies in Harford County say they don’t stop people just to check their immigration status, but the recent experience of a Bel Air woman raises questions about how clearly that’s understood by officers on his streets, the town’s police chief admits.

Bel Air Police Department Chief Charles Moore, who’s led the agency since September 2015, said he’s not sure if his department has a policy specifically dealing with questioning a person’s immigration status, but added: “If there isn’t one, there will be.”

Read more about the stop and the department’s response on The Baltimore Sun.

And since I’ve mentioned Trump’s Executive Order on immigration, here’s a report from this morning on Republicans who oppose, support Trump refugee order. If anyone sees a current list for Democrats, please send me a link.


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