Oct 072018
 October 7, 2018  Posted by  Breaches, Healthcare

Elizabeth Wadas of WQAD in Davenport reports:

Genesis Health System has become aware of a possible scam circulating. This is a scam common across the country.

The scenario is that an email is received from someone representing Genesis. The email suggests Genesis has lost medical records and a Social Security number is needed in attempts to restore the records.

Genesis officials tell patients to disregard emails or phone messages with this request, and do not share any personal information.

Genesis Health System is not making these calls.

I haven’t seen this scam at all, which is a bit unusual, as I usually get hit with email scam attempts.

But note that they mention it may be by phone or by email.  If you have family members who are not savvy on security and scams, be sure to alert them to this one so that if they do get any calls or emails, they will know not to provide any information.  In some areas, scammers will likely just pick the biggest health system and claim to represent them, figuring if even only a small percentage of targets fall for the scam, they’ll still make a profit.


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