Feb 252012
 February 25, 2012  Posted by  Business, Surveillance

Lisa Bell of WKMG reports on the expanding implementation of facial recognition technology in stores and malls in Florida and around the country. Should you be concerned? Heck, yes!   “It’s not out of the question that 10 years from now we’ll walk down the street and people will be wearing camouflage so they’re not picked up by facial recognition trackers all over the place,” said Mark Eichorn of the FTC.  Read their coverage on WKMG.

  One Response to “Bars, stores to use facial recognition technology to increase sales”

  1. I’ve been thisclose to going outside my home only in disguise because the cameras are everywhere. If/when this facial rec technology comes to places I shop, there is be no question – I will always be in disguise. Of course, disguising oneself will become crime, and all of us ‘privacy nuts’ will be incarcerated where we will have no privacy at all. sigh.

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