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 January 2, 2019  Posted by  U.S., Youth & Schools

Briana Whitney reports:

A Cottonwood high school is under fire by the ACLU after students say their privacy rights are being violated by the color of school ID they’re given.

The policy at Mingus High School is simple: lowerclassmen wear red ID badge cards, and upperclassmen wear gray. But this year, upperclassmen who have fallen behind academically have been forced to wear red badges too, and those students say it’s led to bullying and public shame.

Read more on CBS, and also see the coverage on Verde News.

  One Response to “AZ: Cottonwood high school badges violate student privacy”

  1. Peer pressure is often useful to get someone to do what is best for themselves.

    I’ve used this with my programming teams to reduce bad outcomes. We would have a “Bonehead Bug” award – transferred to whoever caused the dumbest bug in our software every week. It was a huge jar of petroleum jelly, displayed on the desk.

    We also had a posted histogram with all the times any developer broke the build on any platform. We supported 6 different platforms and the Windows-centric devs were constantly breaking all the Unix builds. Punishment for breaking the build was that you had to fix it AND do a build without getting any credit on all platforms.

    A little peer pressure is good, sometimes.

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