Sep 232011
 September 23, 2011  Posted by  Breaches, Business, Non-U.S.

Anna Edwards reports:

Despite his attempts to block an explosive autobiography, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s story has been published.


Publishers Canongate Books decided to put the memoir on sale after Assange, who is on bail in Britain facing extradition to Sweden, attempted to cancel his contract after reading a first draft.
Assange, 40, said he wanted to cancel his contract in June, but by this time he had already signed his advance over to his lawyers to settle his legal bills for fighting extradition.

Read more on The Daily Mail. Andrew Malone of the same paper has additional details.


The irony of this situation is not lost upon most readers:  a man who heads an organization that leaks other people’s secrets seemingly lost control over the release of his own details. In this case, though, it may be hard to see this as a privacy breach as much as a contract law dispute.

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