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 July 2, 2022  Posted by  Business, Court, Featured News, Govt, Surveillance

Edward Hasbrouck writes:

Ongoing litigation on behalf of journalist Thomas Brewster and Forbes Media has revealed a few more details about how computerized reservation systems (CRSs) collaborate with the US government to surveil travelers. It has also prompted new denials by some of those CRS companies that range from misdirection to out-and-out lies.

In 2020, Forbes published a report by Mr. Brewster based on a Federal court order (found by Mr. Brewster in the public court docket, but later “sealed” by the government) that directed Sabre, one of the three major CRS or “global distribution system” (GDS) companies, to provide ongoing real-time reports  to the FBI on any reservations made for travel by a specified person of interest. The court docket for a separate case in a different Federal district showed that at least one similar order had been issued to Travelport, another of the three globally dominant CRS companies.

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 July 1, 2022  Posted by  Court, Healthcare, Non-U.S., Workplace

Jennifer Bieman reports:

Two former London Health Sciences Centre administration staffers who say they were fired last fall for refusing the COVID-19 vaccine are suing the hospital in separate wrongful dismissal lawsuits seeking a combined $700,000 in damages.

Former LHSC employees Angela Simpson and Laura Goncalves have filed statements of claim in Ontario’s Superior Court of Justice seeking compensation for their termination eight months ago for not complying with the hospital’s mandatory staff COVID-19 vaccination policy.

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Zack Whittaker writes:

I consider myself a fairly privacy-conscious person, going out of my way to evade online tracking and, for the most part, avoiding spam mail. But when I found myself staring at my home address on the website of a company I had never heard of, I knew somewhere I had gone wrong.

A few days before our rent was due at the end of April, my partner received an email from the owner of our apartment building about a new way we could pay rent while collecting reward points, like a loyalty program. It was a good offer at a time when rents are at record highs, so she clicked and it loaded the website of rental rewards company Bilt Rewards and prominently displayed her full name and our apartment number.

Already this was fairly alarming.

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 July 1, 2022  Posted by  Court, Govt, Surveillance, U.S.

Jon Schuppe reports:

A teen charged with setting a fire that killed five members of a Senegalese immigrant family in Denver, Colorado, has become the first person to challenge police use of Google search histories to find someone who might have committed a crime, according to his lawyers.

The pushback against this surveillance tool, known as a reverse keyword search, is being closely watched by privacy and abortion rights advocates, who are concerned that it could soon be used to investigate women who search for information about obtaining an abortion in states where the procedure is now illegal.

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