Feb 192018
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Katherine Reilly, Associate Professor in Communications at Simon Fraser University, Canada, writes:

Theory tells us that data is central to digital platform capitalism, so there is growing interest in creating policies that protect consumers and foster innovation given new data-driven business practices. But data is not new to digital capitalism, and there are existing policy regimes in place that address privacy, intellectual property, competition, and consumer and human rights. Establishing new data policies is not as simple as updating the old data policies. This article explains why, with reference to Canadian federal regulations.

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Feb 192018
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Just one week away! If you’re going to be there, let me know. I am looking forward to seeing you all. And yes, for the record, I am likely violating the hell out of the forum’s copyright on this post, and using their images, and linking, and oh my…..  but hey, it’s ICE CREAM! 🙂 

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Ice Cream!
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Feb 192018
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Tracey Lindeman reports:

Fully autonomous cars won’t be deployed en masse for a while, maybe even decades. In the meantime, cars that are smarter and more connected than your average sedan are already sitting in parking lots and driving on highways, and they’re collecting all kinds of information about you. US privacy laws aren’t doing enough to keep up.

Other countries are taking note. A Canadian Senate committee last month flagged privacy and security as major issues of the coming internet-connected automotive revolution, and Europe’s impending General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will set the global bar on data privacy. The US, however, has consistently erred on the side of business when it comes to data privacy. The world, and the US in particular, is woefully unprepared for the lightning-fast advancements being made in the connected-vehicle industry—and that should be a cause for concern.

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Feb 192018
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John Power reports:

Australia’s privacy and transparency watchdog was given less than 24 hours to review the government’s proposed secrecy laws while they were being drafted, The New Daily can exclusively reveal.

The Attorney-General’s Department provided the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) with a draft of the legislation – which introduces heavy jail terms for handling sensitive government information – several weeks before its announcement to gather feedback and recommendations.

But emails obtained under freedom of information laws reveal the OAIC was given a deadline of just one day to assess the contentious Espionage and Foreign Interference Bill.

Read more on The New Daily.