Sep 072009
 September 7, 2009  Posted by  Business, Featured News, Online

An Australian businessman accused of selling “friends” from the social networking site Facebook hit back Friday, saying it would be “very difficult” to stop him.

Facebook warned Thursday that members who bought information from the Australian online marketing company could be banned from the site.

Leon Hill, 24, who founded and owns, agreed that his customers could be breaching Facebook’s terms of service — but added that Facebook was almost powerless to stop him.


Hill’s Brisbane-based firm this week angered Facebook by offering to sell a user 1,000 friends for 177 US US dollars and 5,000 friends — the limit imposed by Facebook on a standard profile account — for 654 US dollars.

Facebook “fan” pages have no limits and said it could supply 1,000 Facebook fans for 177 US dollars and 10,000 fans for 1,167 US dollars.

Thanks to Brian Honan for this link.

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