Jun 152010
 June 15, 2010  Posted by  Non-U.S., Online

David Braue writes:

Last week, I wondered whether Stephen Conroy’s rapid conversion into a caricature of a minister reflected systemic problems within Labor. You wouldn’t think Stephen Conroy would actually be trying to come up with a policy that is worse than both the internet filter and Google’s own infractions, which Conroy recently labelled as “the largest privacy breach in the history [sic] across Western democracies”. But he has: Conroy’s once-haughty assumption of the moral, egalitarian high ground has descended into a poo-flinging match with Google; ill-informed but stubborn defence of a ridiculous filter policy; and, now, an over-intrusive log of your online activities that would have made Joseph McCarthy blush.

Read more on ZDnet (AU), but also see earlier coverage here.

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