Dec 102012
 December 10, 2012  Posted by  Non-U.S.

The owner of the Territory’s biggest nightclub says patrons have nothing to fear despite changes to privacy laws that will allow facial scans to be stored in police and spy-agency databases.

Biometric facial scans taken for passports, drivers’ licences or nightclub entry can now be stored in the databases under changes to Australia’s privacy laws.

The Gillard government’s new privacy legislation has removed the ban on biometric data being handed to crime-fighting agencies.

Darwin’s Discovery nightclub uses the NightKey system to collect photographs and video of patrons on entry, and assigns a pin number generated by a fingerprint, which is destroyed.


While I understand why a business would want to reassure customers so as not to lose their business, I’m not sure a business owner is really an authority on whether the AU police or law enforcement will not misuse the data or access.

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