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 August 23, 2012  Posted by  Featured News, Laws, Non-U.S., Online

(Yes, their headline really says “cyber data.” I’m so very sorry…)

Bianca Hall reports:

New laws will allow authorities to collect and monitor Australians’ internet records, including their web-browsing history, social media activity and emails.

But the laws, which will specifically target suspected cyber criminals, do not go as far as separate proposed laws designed to retain every Australian internet user’s internet history for two years in the name of national security.

Under the laws passed yesterday, Australian state and federal police will have the power to compel telcos and internet service providers to retain the internet records of people suspected of cyber-based crimes, including fraud and child pornography. Only those records made after the request will be retained, but law enforcement agencies will be prevented from seeing the information until they have secured a warrant.

Read more on The Age.

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