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 November 16, 2014  Posted by  Breaches, Business, Featured News, Non-U.S.

Rita Panahi reports:

A G-string clad mother of three has become the accidental attraction in a real estate advertising campaign for a house sale in Mt Martha.

An ambitious agent enlisted a drone to take an aerial photograph of the property, which includes a sweeping image of the beach.

But the picture also captured small business owner Mandy Lingard, a mother of three and grandmother of one, sunbaking topless in the privacy of her back yard.

The image, which includes Ms Lingard lying face down wearing just a G-string, is on the display advertising board outside her neighbour’s house.

Read more on The Herald Sun.

That a drone accidentally captured the woman is not surprising. That the image was used in a billboard because it wasn’t adequately checked makes this a despicable breach by the Eview. She should sue them for emotional distress and whatever else AU law might permit.

Really. This is awful, and a good example why there needs to be laws restricting commercial drones and the use of images captured by commercial drones.

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