Dec 242010
 December 24, 2010  Posted by  Court, Non-U.S., Online

The girl at the centre of St Kilda photo scandal has agreed to hand over all the pictures she has to the court and destroy any other copies in her possession.

At a Federal Court hearing this afternoon the girl was instructed to put the photos on a USB stick and hand them to the court.
The court has ordered a mediation conference between the two parties to happen before January 28 next year.

The judge agreed with an application by the girl’s lawyer, Tim Bourke, to have her name suppressed.

The Judge said that as the father of two daughters he felt that the girl needed protection as she may live to regret the publicity in future years.

Read more on It’s noteworthy that the court is willing to protect the identity of the teenager, as at 17, some might argue that she’s old enough to take responsibility for her actions. Nor is it even clear to me that the teen herself wants her identity shielded. But certainly, as some of us have argued, her name isn’t necessary for the public to understand the issues raised.

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