Jan 052010
 January 5, 2010  Posted by  Breaches, Business, Non-U.S.

Ruth Lamperd reports:

Telstra is under fire for a serious privacy breach after a Melbourne man’s personal contact list ended up on another man’s brand new iPhone.

Nathan Fallon was given an iPhone as a gift two days before Christmas and was shocked to find it already contained 182 contact names and numbers.

Staff at the Watergardens T(life) store, from where the phone was bought, advised him to immediately delete the contacts, but he called the number marked “home” in the phone.


[Stan Soutaris] believed the list may have leaked when he was sorting out a download problem with his phone at the same T(life) store where Mr Fallon’s was bought.

He said his phone contents were downloaded on to a laptop as backup in case the information was accidentally deleted from his phone.

“But how that information got on to my new iPhone is a mystery,” said Mr Fallon, who runs a business that ferries people home from pubs and parties if they’re unexpectedly over .05.

Read more in The Herald Sun.

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