Aug 132015
 August 13, 2015  Posted by  Laws, Non-U.S., Surveillance, Youth & Schools

AAP reports:

Children who fight with extremist groups could be prevented from returning to Australia under plans to expand powers to gather biometric data.

The Senate has passed legislation to beef up the country’s biometrics system, permitting the collection of data from children as young as 10 without parental consent.

Fingerprints, and potentially iris scans and facial images, will be used to match people entering and leaving Australia to a database of known criminals and suspected terrorists.

Read more on 9News. And do read it. It seems this was passed without any vote, and the collection of biometric data may also apply to “children of radicalised parents.” So kids who have done nothing wrong may have their biometric data collected because their parents are “radicalized?” How does the government define a “radicalized parent” for purposes of this provision?

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