Nov 202010
 November 20, 2010  Posted by  Business

Tim Minton and Ozzie Martinez report:

AT&T acknowledged Friday that it’s closing a security loophole affecting all 92 million U.S. cell phone customers. The revelation came two days after NBCNewYork raised questions about why anyone could suspend service to any of the company’s cell phone accounts, in many cases with no questions asked.


Until now, disconnection for a supposedly lost or stolen phone was made “as easy as possible. Anybody could call in and request suspension,” said Kaufman. “Moving forward, customers will need to be able to verify ownership of the account using the last four digits of their social security number or a password,” said the spokeswoman.

It’s the same kind of privacy protection already extended to customers of the three other major cell carriers, Verizon Wireless, Sprint and T-Mobile.

Read more on NBCNewYork.

Via @PrivacyCamp

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