Oct 082010
 October 8, 2010  Posted by  Business, Surveillance

Adam Shostack writes:

Yesterday, AT&T announced an Encrypted Mobile Voice.


What’s funny (sad) about this is that there are a number of software encrypted voice systems available. They include RedPhoneCryptoPhoneand zFone. Some of these even work on pocket sized computers with integrated radios. But Apple and AT&T won’t let you install alternate voice applications.

A lot of people claim that these restrictions on what you can do with your device just don’t matter very much. That you can really get everything you need. But here’s a clear example of why that isn’t so. Voice encryption is a special app that you have to get permission to run.

Now, maybe you don’t care. You’re “not doing anything wrong.” Well, Hoder wasn’t doing anything wrong when he went to Israel and blogged about it in Farsi. But he’s serving 20 years in jail in Iran.

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