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 December 31, 2010  Posted by  Misc

I wish you all a Happy and Healthy 2011.

A special thank you to those who have been so supportive of my privacy blogs by either emailing me, commenting, tweeting, or submitting links to news stories.  I hope you will continue to find these blogs of value in 2011 while I continue my combined approach of blogging under a pseudonym while advocating offline under my name.  To those in government whom I have spoken with at length in 2010, I look forward to our continued discussions in 2011 and hope that by the end of next year, we’ll see some concrete progress.

One of my annual traditions is to make some donations on December 31 to worthwhile organizations. Some are civil liberties organizations, others are medical support organizations related to my “real” work.  Whatever you personally care about, why not take a few minutes today and make a donation to an organization you appreciate?    As 2010 draws to a close, end the year by supporting those who will be supporting you in 2011.  And no, I don’t mean my blogs, which do not accept any advertising or donations.  Give a few dollars to EFF, EPIC, ACLU, Privacy International, or any group whose values and projects you want to support.  Make a difference.

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