Jul 132012
 July 13, 2012  Posted by  Breaches, Business

Kashmir Hill writes:

Well, apparently you can install spyware on the Macs in an Apple store and face no criminal penalties, as long as you were doing it for the sake of art. Last year, Kyle McDonald, a Brooklyn-based new media artist, installed software on computers at Apple stores in New York (the 14th Street and SoHo ones) that took photos of customers’ and Apple employees’ faces. He posted many of the photos to a Tumblr page, force-displayed them on computers in those same Apple stores, and then made a video mash-up (since taken down per Apple’s request) of what he’d done. The purpose of the art project was to breathe consciousness into computers and show us what they see. Bonus artistic merit: Further reinforcement of our paranoia about always being watched.

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