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Here’s an article you may want to read:

Future Identities:
Changing identities in the UK – the next 10 years
DR 5: How will surveillance and privacy technologies impact on the psychological notions of identity?

Ian Brown
Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford
January 2013

“This review has been commissioned as part of the UK Government’s Foresight project, Future Identities: Changing identities in the UK – the next 10 years . The views expressed do not represent policy of any government or organisation.”

You can download it here (pdf).

Brown does not address how the use of pseudonyms for some online activities and real names for other purposes might impact psychological notions of identity. Does it give individuals a stronger sense of their social identities or does it negatively impact identity while possibly reducing discrimination or other adverse consequences of surveillance? Does the use of pseudonyms to protect privacy allow the benefits of online interactions in identity development for youth without some of the risks for vulnerable groups or does it lead to individuals feeling “less together” as they hide their “real identity” from others online? There’s a lot more that needs to be asked – and answered – about the impact of surveillance and the use of surveillance-reducing techniques on psychological notions of identity.

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