Apr 102013
 April 10, 2013  Posted by  Misc, Online

Associated Press has this interesting report on an art exhibit meant to provoke thought:

Image after image splashes on the wall of the art exhibit — a snapshot of young people laughing and drinking, a picture of an elephant, an exposed belly of a woman barely covering her breasts with one arm. The photos were taken from their computers without their knowledge through a technological glitch.

Over in a corner, visitors can sort through Facebook profile photos from unwitting users through a website that organizes them by gender, country and adjectives such as “sly,” ”smug” or “easy going.” Think online dating site, for people who don’t know they are on it.

The works are part of “The Public Private,” an art exhibit that explores the gray areas of online privacy, surveillance and data collection in the age of Facebook and Google. The pieces shift across the boundaries between what’s public and private, all through the lens of technology. But lines are never clear, if there are any at all, and that can be unsettling.

Read more on KVUE.

If you’re in NYC, the exhibit runs through April 17 at The New School. It’s been running since February, and I wish I had seen coverage of it before now.

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