Apr 262019
 April 26, 2019  Posted by  Featured News, Govt

Vivian Wang reports:

Are you registered to vote in New York City? If so, then anyone can find out your party affiliation, full name and home address down to the apartment number — all with a few mouse clicks.

The city’s Board of Elections recently posted its voter enrollment lists to its website, a massive upload of thousands of pages, covered in tiny all-caps letters, that offer a district-by-district breakdown of voters sorted by party and street name — one line for each of the 4.6 million active registered voters.

Read more on The New York Times.

So little common sense….. just because something has to be provided if requested as public records doesn’t mean you should put it out there and make it readily available to the whole world.  Just because you CAN, it doesn’t mean that you SHOULD.

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