Aug 272021
 August 27, 2021  Posted by  Featured News, Laws, Non-U.S.

Alex Scroxton reports:

Government proposals to liberalise the UK’s data protection regime in support of increased innovation, research and economic growth, alongside an expansion of the remit held by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) to support these goals, have prompted discussion among data privacy and infosec experts, with some concerned that Boris Johnson’s government means to gut the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and open the door to an unstoppable grab of personal and private data.

Read more on ComputerWeekly.

In other UK-related news of note,  New Zealand Privacy Commissioner John Edwards has been chosen as the U.K.’s next Information Commissioner. has been reporting on Commissioner Edwards and his privacy initiatives and decisions for a number of years now. While we don’t necessarily agree on everything privacy-related (especially when it comes to what the press can do and report), he is a seasoned and thoughtful privacy regulator and it will be interesting to see his impact on the U.K.

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