Sep 122015
 September 12, 2015  Posted by  Business

Jacob Kastrenakes reports that Apple is responding to concerns raised about Siri always passively listening in the iPhone 6s:

…. In a number of statements to TechCrunch, Apple is trying to clear up the concerns that people have around these features. For Siri, Apple says that all captured audio is processed locally. It isn’t until your phone actually activates Siri that it’ll begin sending audio off to Apple, which is what has always happened when Siri interprets (or attempts to interpret) your speech. “In no case is the device recording what the user says or sending that information to Apple before the feature is triggered,” Apple tells TechCrunch. Otherwise, it sounds as though the iPhone 6S will only store a few seconds of sound at a time and will continually write over — and therefore, theoretically, delete — what has been captured before it.

Read more on The Verge.

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