Nov 152021
 November 15, 2021  Posted by  Business, Court, Surveillance, U.S., Workplace

Steve Dent reports:

Last year, California’s supreme court ruled that Apple broke the law by failing to pay employees while they waited for mandatory bag and iPhone searches. Now, Apple has offered to pay $30 million to settle the suit and lawyers for the employees have urged them to accept it, Apple Insider has reported. “This is a significant, non-reversionary settlement reached after nearly eight years of hard-fought litigation,” wrote plaintiff attorney Lee Shalov in the proposed settlement seen by Courthouse News.

Employees launched the suit way back in 2013, saying they weren’t paid while being searched for stolen merchandise or trade secrets. The workers felt they were still under Apple’s “control” during that five to 20 minute process and should therefore be compensated. Apple in turn argued that the employees could choose not to bring their bags or iPhones, thus avoiding a search in the first place.

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