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I think the headline the paper had, “APF: Consent a danger to Australians’ privacy,” is terribly misleading, as it’s lack of  consent that’s the danger to privacy, not consent! Maybe they meant to say “Inadequate consent provisions a danger….”

Liz Tay reports:

The Australian Privacy Foundation has fingered the concept of consent as the “single most serious weakness in Australia’s privacy regulation”.

In its submission to a parliamentary online privacy inquiry, the APF called for stricter regulation of how data controllers might obtain and use consumers’ consent.

“Consent works like a miracle cure for conduct that otherwise would have been contrary to the law,” APF vice-chair Dan Svantesson wrote.


The deadline has since been extended to 30 September, with the committee expected to report on its findings by 20 October.

Read more on itnews (AU).

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