Sep 072012
 September 7, 2012  Posted by  Online

Stephen Shankland reports:

Apache, the most commonly used software to house Web sites, will ignore Microsoft’s decision to disable ad-tracking technology by default in Internet Explorer 10.


Roy Fielding, an author of the Do Not Track (DNT) standard and principal scientist at Adobe Systems, wrote a patch for Apachethat sets the Web server to disable DNT if the browser reaching it is Internet Explorer 10. “Apache does not tolerate deliberate abuse of open standards,” Fielding titled the patch.

As a result of the Apache update, Web servers using the software will ignore DNT settings for people using IE10.

Read more on CNET.

So users who believe that they have DNT on by default will unknowingly have their protection bypassed by the Apache patch? Oh good, that will really help protect users’ privacy. NOT.

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