Sep 052009
 September 5, 2009  Posted by  Misc, U.S.

David Bauder and Pauline Jelinek of Associated Press report that a picture of a soldier, Lance Cpl. Joshua “Bernie” Bernard, lying mortally wounded in Afghanistan, taken by AP photographer Julie Jacobson has set off another debate about both coverage of the war and a grieving family’s right to privacy. You can read AP’s coverage of the issues and decision-making process “>here.

Is a photo showing an identifiable individual dying on a battlefield newsworthy, and if so, should or does its newsworthiness trump the feelings of the soldier’s family who did not want the photo published? Is it possible for AP and major news outlets to show the war without sanitizing it and yet respect the privacy of individuals involved? Food for thought.

Note: the linked story does not show the controversial picture.

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