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 August 19, 2014  Posted by  Business, Online, U.S.

Allison Grande reports:

AOL Inc. disclosed on Friday that it doesn’t respond to signals sent by major Web browsers that indicate that online users don’t want their activities to be tracked across websites, although it said it may be willing to reconsider its position if the industry can agree on a uniform do-not-track standard.

As part of the latest update to the privacy policy that governs several of AOL’s online properties, the company inserted a new section on do-not-track signals that briefly explains how it intends to react when a Web browser sends it a signal that users don’t want their online activity tracked for behavioral advertising and other purposes.

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  4 Responses to “AOL Says It Doesn’t Honor Do-Not-Track Requests”

  1. Is this the same AOL that did this?

    AOL is the 90s answer to Facebook and needs to die for the common good.

  2. Keep in mind that AOL is just one of too many that are not honoring Do-Not-Track requests.

  3. I just block them all using third party tools like Ghostery and the MVPS host file.
    Between the two, they seem to catch most trackers. I am also looking into Disconnect although I don’t think it’s as comprehensive as Ghostery right now.

    Oh and I keep GhostRank turned off, it feeds information back to the advertising lobby IIRC

    Is PrivDog any good?

  4. Never tried PrivDog. I have Ghostery enabled and Abine DoNotTrackMe.

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