Nov 192010
 November 19, 2010  Posted by  Surveillance

Over on RedState, Erick Erickson posted a story told by a soldier returning from Afghanistan. It is a story that exemplifies the stupid security theater that is TSA as hundreds of soldiers were allowed to take their assault weapons onboard but a pair of nail clippers was confiscated during what should have been a brief stopover in Indianapolis to let 100 soldiers debark.

It has always puzzled me that TSA manages to find and confiscate the tiny screwdriver/screw set I carry with me (in case a lens falls out of my eyeglasses) but they invariably fail to detect cigarette lighters. I have tried to envision some terrorist stabbing madly with a one-inch screwdriver but no matter what scenario I generate, it doesn’t work — the terrorist does not get to take over the plane armed with an eyeglass repair kit. Nor, for that matter, do they get to take over the airplane using the metal shoehorn that TSA also keeps confiscating from my husband.

Congress has acted stupidly by endorsing and allowing this nonsense to continue and expand.

Have you called your Senators and representative to express your outrage and to find out what your elected officials are doing to put a halt to this?

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