Mar 172011
 March 17, 2011  Posted by  Featured News, Online, Surveillance

James Nixon writes:

Anonymous, the WikiLeaks-loving online hacktivist collective, claims the US military is developing a piece of software that can infiltrate Facebook and other social networks using an army of fake profiles, cross-referencing information to “track and identify” individuals.

Evidence of the software – code-named ‘Metal Gear’ by the group – was uncovered in leaked emails belonging to US security contractor HBGary, after the company was attacked by Anonymous for providing assistance to the FBI in unmasking its members.

In a press release issued late on Wednesday, Anonymous revealed a US patent application by IBM’s research labs for software designed to recognise individuals by analysing their linguistic traits and online behaviour.

Read more on Thinq.

Update:  Link to ThinQ removed after it was bought out by an unrelated firm that now redirects to advertising.

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