Feb 052015
 February 5, 2015  Posted by  Announcements, Featured News

Privacy and data security are hot topics this year, and this might be a good time to let readers know about an upcoming forum organized by Daniel Solove and Paul Schwartz that professionals are really going to want to attend:

The Privacy + Security Forum offers an intellectual discourse that reaches across the separate silos of privacy and security. Privacy professionals, security professionals, chief information officers, law firm attorneys, policymakers, academics, experts from NGOs and think tanks, and technologists connect and collaborate in a rigorous learning environment.

The pre-conference workshops have been organized by attendees’ experience level, so that you can find introductory level workshops if you’re new to a topic, or intermediate or advanced topics. The workshops and presenters/faculty are described in the brochure.

Damn, looking at their incredible program and line-up, I want to be there. You can find more details on the forum and registration information on the forum’s web site.

And if anyone or any wonderful firm wants to sponsor me so I can attend this, please let me know by contacting me at admin[at]pogowasright.org.

I’m making this post sticky to give everyone more of a chance to see it and to respond to my unabashed plea.

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