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 May 21, 2016  Posted by  Non-U.S., Surveillance

Quartz reports:

A lawsuit seeks to freeze transfers of spy equipment from Israel to South Sudan amid allegations the Juba government uses Israeli surveillance technology to track down, lock up, and torture political dissidents and journalists.

The petition was filed Tuesday by Tamar Zandberg, a member of Israel’s parliament from the Meretz party who has also spoken out about Israeli arms transfers to South Sudan’s government, which has fought a devastating civil war against rebel groups for the last two and a half years.

Read more on Quartz.

  One Response to “An Israeli MP is suing to stop her country sending surveillance kit to South Sudan”

  1. Good luck to Tamar Zandberg on trying to get the petition to go through. Meretz political party is not seen very favorably in Israeli life, society and culture due to ‘certain views’. The Likud Party dominates most of the Knesset (Parliament) as well as other parts of Israeli government.

    Don’t get me wrong; I hope she succeeds. However, this will not be an easy battle at all.

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