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 July 14, 2016  Posted by  Announcements, Featured News

vpnMentor_transparant_logoDon’t ask me why I agreed. Maybe they caught me on an off-day. Maybe I thought it would give me a chance to reflect on where this site has been. I don’t know, as I usually avoid interviews. But I agreed to do an interview with John Norris of vpnMentor.com and you can read it all here. Thanks to vpnMentor for their interest in, and support of, this site.

  5 Responses to “An interview with…… me.”

  1. I love the interview. Great insight on varied issues and why you are maintaining the blog.

    Also maybe in 2 years government surveillance will change for the better. We can be optimistic, well we can try

  2. Excellent read. TY for doing it, and all you do.

    ..and yeah, you have been the cause of some corporate hurt here (CA), it’s still ongoing with more that came out last week, and more coming very soon. So thanks for being there and thank you for running this little goldmine of a site.

    You have been more than an inspiration… You were indeed a force a change. So don’t give in or give up Boss 😉

  3. Nice interview, thanks for mentioning my help and blog.

  4. How could I not mention you? You’ve been such a huge help. The readers would faint if they saw how many links you send me every day that I read for my own interest but never make it to the blog because they’re not always privacy-related. 🙂

  5. What came out last week? What did I miss? Should I be reporting it here? Or does some Canadian firm have a dart board with my avatar on it for causing trouble for them? 🙂

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