Apr 122012
 April 12, 2012  Posted by  Breaches, Court

Andrea Ahles writes:

American Airlines has filed a lawsuit against former flight attendant Gailen David and several other unnamed American employees for publishing private passenger information.

Sky Talk readers may remember David as the flight attendant who posted satirical videos about the Fort Worth-based carrier under the guise “Aluminum Lady” and on his blog Dear Sky Steward. David was fired by the carrier a few weeks ago.

The suit, filed in Tarrant County on Tuesday, alleges that David posted flight information of various passengers on his website, including former American chief executive Don Carty and current AMR board member Judith Rodin.

Read more on SkyTalk.

Looking at the complaint, it seems to be all about corporate information, etc. – I don’t see any civil causes of action that specifically reference privacy. Maybe they don’t have standing to allege privacy violations for passengers who itinerary or location was allegedly revealed by the blog.

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