Feb 232023
 February 23, 2023  Posted by  Business, Govt, Healthcare, U.S.

Sebastian Moss reports:

Amazon has completed its $3.9 billion acquisition of 1Life Healthcare, which operates under the name One Medical out of more than 125 clinics in the US.

The deal is the latest effort by Amazon to break into the healthcare sector, after buying online pharmacy startup PillPack for $753m, and this year launching US-based RxPass, a Prime subscription for low cost generic drugs.

Read more at Data Center Dynamics.

Over on TelecareAware, Donna Caruso provides some details about the impact of the acquisition and also writes:

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which had additional questions about the buy as part of a Second Request in the Hart-Scott-Rodino Act reporting process, did not act in time to prevent the closing. Nor did the SEC or DOJ. This is CEO Andy Jassy’s first Big Deal at Amazon and certainly, the champagne and kvelling are flowing at HQ plus One Medical’s investors and shareholders for a successful exit. But should Amazon be looking over their shoulder? 

What are the open issues? Is a large, hungry Bear called Antitrust being poked, or lying in wait for its prey?

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