Jul 242013
 July 24, 2013  Posted by  Laws, Surveillance, U.S.

By a vote of  205-217, Rep. Justin Amash’s amendment to the defense appropriations bill failed in the House.  The amendment would have blocked bulk records collection and would have limited the NSA to collecting records from U.S. persons only if they were the target of an investigation.

That said, the vote was closer than I think a lot of us expected, and that’s the good news.

Update: Here’s the roll call, so you can see how your Representative voted. Overall, Republicans tended to vote No on the amendment (94 ayes, 134 nays with 6 not voting), while Democrats tended to vote Yes (111 ayes, 83 nays, with 6 not voting).

Significantly, Nancy Pelosi voted no. Shame on her for not providing leadership to protect our civil liberties.

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