Nov 152017
 November 15, 2017  Posted by  Breaches, Business, Non-U.S.

A complaint noted by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of New Zealand made their news down there. It’s actually an interesting case as there’s a complainant you may have no sympathy for, but you still need to consider whether what the business did was appropriate and acceptable:

A man who was named and shamed on Facebook by a business after his cheque bounced has lost a privacy complaint and bid for $50,000 compensation.

The business posted the man’s personal details online after a cheque for goods worth hundreds of dollars bounced and the man failed to answer or return phone calls, a blog post by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner.


The Privacy Commission said the business did not have the right to publish the man’s personal details as it was not a public sector law enforcement agency and the man’s actions did not constitute a serious threat.

However, it chose not to take any action as it said the man did not act in good faith during the investigation.

Read more on New Zealand Herald.


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