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 August 3, 2010  Posted by  Non-U.S., Online, Surveillance

Danielle Citron writes:

According to The New York Times, New Delhi’s traffic police have waded into Government 2.0 territory, adopting Facebook to garner public participation.  Its Facebook page began much like domestic Government 2.0 sites in asking the public for its views and suggestions.  But people didn’t just comment on policy.  Instead, they provided real-time information on drivers who violated traffic laws.  In just two months’ time, the site attracted over 17,000 dutiful fans who have posted nearly 3,000 photographs and dozens of videos of traffic infractions.  Fans posted pictures of people on motorcycles without helmets, drivers talking on cellphones or taking illegal turns, and improperly parked vehicles.  With the license plate numbers captured on pictures and videos, police have been able to issue 665 tickets. New Delhi’s Joint Commissioner of Traffic, Satyendra Garg, explained that the city’s Facebook profile never asked people to report traffic infractions. 

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