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 March 21, 2011  Posted by  Breaches

Wow. Steve Zabroski reports:

East Chicago – Indiana State Police arrived at the East Chicago Public Library on Friday afternoon to investigate the reported theft of computer hard drives holding all the library’s records, but the library’s former director said nobody told him about missing equipment.

Manuel “Manny” Montalvo was abruptly fired by library trustees late Wednesday in an action he characterized as illegal, just one month after a previous group of trustees had extended his contract through 2013.

Employees taking inventory Thursday after the change in administration called city police to the main library branch, 2401 E. Columbus Drive, after allegedly discovering hard drives missing from the library’s main computer room and the desktop computer in the office of the library director.


A locksmith called by Library Board President Clifton Johnson was on the scene opening doors and changing locks, and finally managed to get into the director’s office about 2 p.m., when employees were able to confirm that that drive, too, was physically missing.


If all of the library’s records means, quite literally, all of their records, this is one horrific breach – not only because of employee personnel information and records that could be on the drives, but have all of the library patrons’ records been stolen, too, showing what they read and when?

If anyone sees a follow-up on this one, please let me know!

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