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 December 7, 2020  Posted by  Featured News, Healthcare, Surveillance, U.S.

This is troubling.

Jeffrey Schweers reports from Florida:

State police brandishing firearms Monday raided the home of Rebekah Jones, the former Department of Health data scientist who built the state’s much-praised COVID-19 dashboard before being fired over what she said was refusing to “manipulate data.”

“They pointed a gun in my face. They pointed guns at my kids,” Jones tweeted shortly before 5 p.m.

Jones — who launched her own COVID-19 dashboard after she was fired, and used crowdsourcing to raise money to support it — said the agents knocked on her door around 8:30 a.m. that morning, took all her “hardware and tech” after showing her a warrant based on a complaint filed by the Florida Department of Health.

Read more on Tallahassee Democrat.

Earlier today, Ms Jones posted on Twitter video taken from within her home.  That video begins when she opens the door. In a statement to the newspaper, however, a spokesperson for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) claimed that

“FDLE began an investigation November 10, 2020, after receiving a complaint from the Department of Health (DOH) regarding unauthorized access to a Department of Health messaging system which is part of an emergency alert system, to be used for emergencies only,” Plessinger said.

Plessinger said when agents arrived, they knocked and waited 20 minutes for Jones to answer the door.

“Ms. Jones refused to come to the door for 20 minutes and hung-up on agents. After several attempts and verbal notifications that law enforcement officers were there to serve a legal search warrant, Ms. Jones eventually came to the door and allowed agents to enter,” Plessinger said. “Ms. Jones’ family was upstairs when agents made entry into the home.”

The reporter does not indicate whether Ms Jones was asked to respond to the FDLE’s claims that she refused to come to the door for 20 minutes, etc.

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