Jun 172021
 June 17, 2021  Posted by  Court, U.S.

Tim Cushing always manages to find interesting cases to report on.  Here’s another one:

It’s now been eight years since Indiana law enforcement seized Tyson Timbs’ Land Rover following his arrest for distributing drugs. In eight years, this case has made multiple visits to the state trial court, the state court of appeals, the state’s Supreme Court, and the nation’s Supreme Court.

This isn’t just due to Timbs’ tenacity and his desire to have his car returned. His only car — worth $35,000 when it was seized — has been sitting in an impound lot for most of decade, all because of criminal charges that netted Timbs $1,200 in fines and one year of home detention.

No, these multiple trips are due to the state of Indiana attempting to prevent precedent from being set that would prevent it from seizing whatever it wants whenever it wants.

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